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5 Reasons We’re Loving Bucket Hats in 2021 (And Why You Should Too!)

Oh the bucket hat. It’s kind of always been a “thing” but its big moments have ebbed and flowed over the last few decades. Some may say the trend is a fashion has-been, but we’re here for its recent resurgence and are loving all of the modern, head-turning patterns they come in.

If you’re still on the fence with the bucket hat phenomenon, here are 5 reasons to try one on for size:

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1. Bucket hats will automatically take your outfit to the next level. 

Whether you’re in a pair of jeans with a graphic T or a bright-colored summer romper, a bucket hat will add flare to your ensemble and is an automatic stand-out accessory that’ll have you doing a double take in the mirror before you walk out the door (don’t forget to snap a selfie and tag @totes.us on Instagram!).

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2. They really do look good on anyone.

From fishermen to millennials and millennial’s grandmas, there really isn’t anyone that’s exempt from throwing on a bucket hat. Since they complement all kinds of attire, we see no reason why everyone can’t rock the look in their own unique way. It truly is a hat that caters to your personal style. If you need outfit inspiration, just look to one of the many celebrities wearing them out and about, including Justin and Hailey Bieber, the Hadid sisters, Rihanna, Jay Z, and plenty more. Case in point: bucket hats are on the heads of style icons left and right so they definitely get the “cool” seal of approval. 

A woman wearing a red bucket hat and smiling

3. They’ll keep your tresses under control during inclement weather.

You just spent 45 minutes perfecting your mane. The frizz has been tamed and all is well…Until you look outside and realize it’s windy and rainy and the ideal environment to wreak havoc on your do. Fret not though! Grab your Totes bucket hat and forget about the less-than-perfect weather. Thanks to our Totescoat application, all of our headwear is designed to repel water, giving you all the rain protection you could ask for. 

A woman in a bucket hat holding lemons in front of her eyes

4. You can flaunt bucket hats in any season.

Who says you have to wait for a cold and blustery day to wear your favorite head accessory? Rain or shine, bucket hats look good in any and every season. Dress up that swimsuit with our rainbow gingham or floral pattern and you’ve got a poolside or beach-ready look that’s sure to slay. If patterns aren’t really your thing, go with one of our solid colors. There’s a Totes bucket hat to suit every mood, outfit, and style!

Three bucket hats in various colors and patterns

5. Caring for your bucket hat is easy peasy.

While aesthetic appeal is probably the first thing on your mind when it comes to hats, it’s worth checking out the care instructions so you don’t end up with something you’ll dirty up and then never get around to cleaning because it was too much work.

Fortunately, there’s no time-consuming cleaning process with Totes bucket hats. Just grab a damp cloth and give your cap a good wipe down. No dry cleaning or washing machine needed!

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