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A Letter from Everywear™ Creator Tommy Bray

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Please allow me to introduce the invention that has provided me with the greatest excitement and satisfaction during my 38 year career. I have finally delivered the solution to the number one consumer complaint about slippers after years of receiving and cherishing their feedback. My name is Tommy Bray and for my entire professional career in the slipper business, I have worked to deliver and improve the comfort experience for consumers like yourself. Over this time, many consumers have shared their love and soon to follow, disappointments with their slippers as the initial cushion flattened and soon gave way to a less than desirable wearing and comfort experience. While frequently improved, I have fallen short of the permanent solution that I have pursued on behalf of consumers like yourself, until now.

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Welcome to Everywear™ technology. My team and I have worked exhaustively to deliver a technology that is beautifully lightweight, incredibly durable, permanently cushiony and forever delivering of that first time wearing experience that we all love about our slippers. And in this time of renewed interest in protection for ourselves and those we care about and love, the fact that Everywear provides this level of comfort in a machine washable form while retaining its performance properties over time is quite special. It can perhaps best be described as delivering the comfort of our favorite sweatshirt or pair of jeans after years of use, except it does so on day one and on day one hundred. No getting to know this product or breaking it in, just perfectly and uniquely comfortable the moment you put them on and each and every time you use it.

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We are thrilled to now expand the Everywear comfort experience beyond slippers, to include both Rain boots and Sandals, two other footwear categories that have routinely been void of truly durable AND comfortable properties. The very idea of the Everywear performance and comfort of slippers now being available in Rain boots and Sandals is one that you will be so in love with that the thought of not having a pair to wear on any occasion becomes almost unimaginable. I invite each and every one of you to treat yourself to Everywear technology and to share these products with others you love and care about. I am confident that you will find it is simply an unmatched comfort experience that you owe to yourself and to your family and friends.

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Expressing how much we love and care about others can come in many forms but treating ourselves to and sharing comfort products with those we love is one of the truest expressions of caring that we can sometimes find hard to articulate with words alone. Everywear and its portfolio of presentations from Slippers to Rain boots and now Sandals provides us all a variety of new ways to say that we care about one another and offers a means to express that sentiment.

I know you shall enjoy the experience!

Tommy Bray
VP of Design & Development

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