Cirrus Chelsea Rain Boots Flatlay with gardening supplies

Gardening with Totes


During quarantine and spending more of our free days at home, many people have turned to gardening as a new hobby. Working in the yard has been a blessing as an easy (and sometimes fun!) way to get outdoors without having to travel. There is nothing like digging your hands into fresh earth and planting new life into your home. And with all that beauty comes the inevitable mess. You don't want to get new shoes dirty and while having a grimy pair of sneakers is useful, keeping them from getting stinky is nearly impossible. Totes Cirrus Boots are a great solution for the rain, snow and even the garden!


Cirrus Rain Boots Kids in pink on model gardening


 "But Totes," you may be thinking to yourself right now, "They're rain boots." And you are correct, but our Cirrus Boots are made for so much more than just rain! Not only are these boots water resistant, they're ridiculously comfortable. Like never-want-to-take-off comfortable. Made with our lightweight and cushioned Everywear Technology sole, you'll feel like you're walking on clouds while tending to your prize winning begonias or even just mowing the lawn. We usually resign our footwear to lawn care when they're worn out or filled with holes. Rome wasn't built in a day and neither is a well manicured lawn. Even normal upkeep in your flower beds can be tough, back breaking work. Don't spend those hours of landscaping in painful, holey shoes. 

 Cirrus Chelsea Rain Boots in navy with flower pots and plants


These boots are wicked comfortable, sure, but why them while gardening? We hear you skeptical consumer. Let us lay out some reason we really think you'll love: 1. Easy on, easy off. Slip them right before you head out to front lawn and right off again once the backyard is complete. 2. Comfort means you can take them anywhere. To the plant nursery, home improvement shops, grocery store for when the kids are begging for popsicles in the middle of replanting your vegetable garden.


Cirrus Boots Kids in Loden green standing in back garden in front of colored door with a watering can


3. Here's the kicker... Easy. To. Clean. Got dirt on them? Spray them off with a house and leave them to dry in the garage for next time. Does it look like you went through a flash flood? Simply toss in the wash for an all over clean and air dry. And, because they're so easy to clean, grass and dirt stains are a thing of the past! Keep them clean for gardening, errands, even everyday wear. PLUS! Cirrus Boots are anti-microbial so odor due to sweat and hardwork is eliminated. 


Cirrus Chelsea Boots in navy sitting on wood flooring with rake, flowers, and butterflies in the boots


Cirrus Boots are a must-have for the whole family. Available in Men's, Women's, Kids and Toddler sizes, you'll be sure to find a pair of boots for every one of your backyard helpers.


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