Women's Ara Flip Flop in Splash Blue with a sun hat on a sunny yellow background

Spring in Your Step with Everywear® Sandals


If you're on the hunt for the perfect summertime sandal, you've come to the right place! At Totes, we're known for our exceptional umbrellas, weather preparedness items and incredibly lightweight rain boots. We've taken our almost 100 years of weather knowledge and put it to good use. What if there was a sandal that was not only comfortable but durable enough to stand up to countless summers, rain or shine? We did it with our Everywear® rain boots only a few short years ago. Why not try our hand at making the ultimate sandal? Enter our Everywear® Sandals!


Women's Sol Bounce Ara Flip Flops with a chalk rainbow outline


We took our revolutionary Everywear Technology used in our Everywear® boots and transformed it into the bounciest, springiest, softest, most super-comfy sandal ever! When shopping for summer footwear, and especially flip flops, it's often a choice between flimpsy foam that falls apart after only a few wears or bulky contraptions that leave you feeling weighed down. Our Everywear Technology surrounds your foot in oh-so soft and springy foam without adding unnecessary weight to keep you comfortable all day long. Plus, they're compression proof for life so flip flop blowouts are a thing of the past. 


Women's Sol Bounce Ara Flip Flops in Black with summer short and Compact 50th Anniversary Umbrella


Another great feature of revolutionary Everywear Technology is that our S sandals and kid's shoes are anti-microbial which means the tiny organisms that can live in our clothing or shoes are not able to grow. These microscopic organisms are especially prevalent in areas where moisture is absorbed either from rain or even sweat. This helps stave off stench and other microbes from ruining your summer time fine. Just one more way that Totes is helping you and your family enjoy the weather.


Totes Sol Bounce Sandals for the whole family


Our Everywear® footwear are not only comfortable and cute, they're also machine washable! Simply toss in the machine with your preferred laundry detergent and wash with cold or warm water. Be sure to not use bleach or too warm of water to avoid pesky shrinkage. Air dry away from heat and you and your little ones are good to go!


Women's Sol Bounce Ara Flip Flips in Splash and Coraline on figure


Here at Totes, we are aware of the global impact of the coronavirus outbreak and the importance of keeping your family safe. While germs are not always something we can control, taking conscious steps to reduce your exposure is an easy way to flatten the curve of the virus. Washing your hands, clothing and even footwear can help keep pathogens in your home to a minimum.


Men's Sol Bounce Ara Vented Slide in black

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