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    Sol Bounce Sandal Benefits

    Sol Bounce Styles

    The bounciest, springiest,  softest, most super-comfy sandal ever.

    Bounce Benefits

    Sol Bounce sandals bring bounce and function into one. Made with patent-pending Everywear™ Technology, these flip flops are truly an amazing wearing experience with 8 major benefits. They’re so insanely comfortable, durable and lightweight you won’t want to take them off. Perfect for the poolside, lakeside, weekend surfside fun!

    Sol Bounce Flip Flop with Everywear Technology

    Serotonin Seekers

    No more flimsy foam for your feet! Sol Bounce is the softest, springiest, most super-comfy sandal ever, giving you energy and mood-boosting effects all day long! The footbed gently massages your feet with each step leaving you feeling great!

    Boost your Mood with Sol Bounce

    Goodbye Germs!

    Sol Bounce Sandals provide peace of mind and protection from the build up of bacteria and germs. Everywear™ is naturally antimicrobial and our flip flops can be thrown in the washer for an extra clean if needed. Just let them air dry afterwards!

    Super Comfy, Machine Washable, Anti-microbial