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    How'd it end up like this?

    It all started with a love for rain. Totes was born in 1924 in a small Ohio town and founded on two core principles: Midwest roots and a genuine love for the rain. We loved it so much, we spent decades creating products so others could enjoy it too. Year after year we found new ways to stay outside more comfortably, no matter the weather. Before we knew it, we had built a whole world of rain products from umbrellas to boots, jackets, hats and bags!

    A few years later we realized that we don't just love rain, we love being outside! So we developed new products like slippers, socks and sandals that make enjoying outside even easier.

    Upcycle Umbrella Collection

    Each year, millions of yards of fabric go unused across the fashion industry. We introduced our Upcycle collection to reuse otherwise excess fabric to become amazing and beautiful umbrellas. Each umbrella is incredibly unique with a one-of-a-kind combination of upcycled fabrics.

    Introduction of Hemp + Bamboo

    Introduction of hemp and bamboo - these eco-friendly materials are incredible alternatives to traditional oil-based materials, both are highly renewable and biodegradable.

    Global Recycled Standard

    All recycled materials are 3rd party certified to broaden our partnerships and assure accountability.

    Totes Umbrellas

    The most dependable name in umbrella manufacturing, totes brings you over 50 years of expertise and innovation. We pioneered the world's first foldable umbrella, to hold true to our passion - keeping you outside in any weather. Still today, each of our umbrellas is backed by our lifetime guarantee. From micro to golf sticks, totes has you covered!

    Cirrus Rain Boots

    We admit it, we're obsessed with rain. In our quest to continue to deliver the best, most needed products to help you weather the storm, we introduce to you Cirrus Rain Boots - Tough as Boots, Light as Clouds! Machine washable and anti-microbial, don't be surprised if you find yourself wearing them on the sunny days, too!

    Sol Bounce Sandals

    Our newest innovation! Made with Everywear™ and truly the bounciest, springiest,  softest, most super-comfy sandal ever. Why should rainy days get to have all the fun? Explore our collection of sandals, flip flops and water shoes for the whole family.

    Joyful totes Moments

    We pursue joy for everyone in every kind of weather, all year long. Our products are sure to bring big smiles! From tiny kids umbrellas to fun novelty slipper socks, find the perfect totes product to put a smile on any face.