With our patented technologies and sustainable approaches, we create remarkable products for next-level experiences that always exceed expectations. We continually push ourselves to do things differently. Whether through investing in sustainable practices with the intent of doing better for our planet, or developing proprietary new products and materials that truly shift the usage experience of our products, we’re focused on understanding our customers’ challenges and improving the way our products interact with the world around us.

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totes world of products have been carefully designed to never let you down. We are proud of our design and manufacturing processes that are centered around premium quality and unmatched dependability that consistently exceed customer expectations. From our innovative wind-proof umbrellas, to travel-sized mini bubble umbrellas, each of our umbrellas is backed by our lifetime guarantee to this day. totes products aim to be a trusty companion you can always count on, from playground to puddle, or beach to ballpark.
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HeritageBorn in a small Ohio town in 1924 with Midwest roots and a genuine love for the rain, we’ve spent decades designing products and categories that brighten the day – from rain to sun, warm or cold. We pioneered the world's first foldable umbrella, to hold true to our passion - keeping you smiling in any weather. As we look to the future, we continue to be inspired by our decades of providing ingenious product solutions that improve lives, while letting it guide our future for generations to come.
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