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    100% Recycled Canopies

    Beginning in 2021, every single totes umbrella is now made with 100% recycled canopies. Annually we will remove over 45 million discarded water bottles from landfills and oceans and repurpose them into beautiful umbrellas, headwear, and jackets. 

    Transition to PVC-free clear materials

    Our umbrellas and rainwear made with ultra-clear fabrics allow you to experience the rain in new ways, and our transition to PVC-free alternatives allows you to do so with less impact on the environment.

    Introduction of hemp and bamboo

    These eco-friendly materials are incredible alternatives to traditional oil-based materials, both are highly renewable and biodegradable.

    Up to 14 Water Bottles Recycled

    For each umbrella, Water bottles can be repurposed to become beautiful umbrella canopies. The process is simple: the bottles are removed from their original packaging, crushed into a fine powder, then melted together and formed into a strong threading material.  

    Upcycle Umbrella Collection

    Each year, millions of yards of fabric go unused across the fashion industry.  We introduced our upcycle collection to reuse discarded fabrics to become amazing and beautiful umbrellas.  Each umbrella is incredibly unique with a one-of-a-kind combination of upcycled fabrics

    Smarter Packaging

    We eliminate unnecessary packaging where possible, and use recyclable materials when available. It’s a smart way to do business that benefits the environment and makes a positive impact on society as a whole

    Global Recycled Standard

    All recycled materials are 3rd party certified to broaden our partnerships and assure accountability