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    Our Spring Umbrella Guide

    InBrella with Cloud undercanopy design in models hand walking in the rain

    The weather is warming, the flowers are coming back are so are the pop-up showers! Spring arrives with so much beauty in tow, including the rain. Though we often think of inclement weather as a downer, rain helps make things grow and bring those "May flowers" into bloom. We are breaking down our top umbrella picks for Spring so you can get out and enjoy the weather!

    Woman with Zodiac inBrella and Loden Cirrus Chelsea Boots

    The Perfect Everyday Umbrella - inBrella
    Always there to lend a helping hand, the inBrella is ideal for daily use. The inBrella stands up on its own, making it the perfect desk companion for walking in and out of work or even standing at attention in a hall closet for easy access as you leave the house. The best part is that the inBrella folds inward, leaving drips and unwanted moisture away from you or your upholstery. Available in a variety of adorable, under-canopy designs, you are sure to find one that fits your style!

    Compact Yet Mighty - Titan® Umbrellas
    Need small umbrella you can store in the glove box or back seat while still holding up to whatever Mother Nature throws at it? Our line of Titan® Umbrellas are the right choice for you. Compact enough to not be intrusive yet can also stand up to 70mph wind conditions! The extra strength aluminum frame helps prevent inversion so you stay dry even in harsh storms. 

    Mini Manual Umbrella in Leopard spotted in hand with the totes logo showing on the handle

    Stow and Go - Mini Manual Umbrella
    Mini umbrella, maximum rain protection. Our Mini Manual Umbrella shrinks down to a tiny 6-inches, perfect for tossing in a purse or backpack for unexpected showers. Complete with the NeverWet® invisible coating, rain rolls right off and the umbrella stays 4 times drier. A great choice for travelers or college students.

    Best Stick Umbrella - 50th Anniversary Stick Umbrella
    Few things are more iconic than the elegance and style of a walking stick umbrella. For Totes, 50th Anniversary, we set out to combine the classic styling of a stick umbrella with the technology that has made us the #1 trusted weather brand. The fiberglass frame construction and water-resistant canopy coating assures you’ll stay not only stay dry, but win any windy day battle. With a 16-rib canopy, stunning design detail, and a solid maple curved handle, this umbrella is designed to make a statement. Also, the sound of this umbrella opening to heavenly! 

    Vented Stick Golf Umbrella in Black in Golf Bag with clubs and drivers

    Golf Buddy - Vented Canopy Umbrella
    Don't let the weather stop you from reaching the 9th hole. Vented for reduced wind resistance, this umbrella is ready to protect you from the elements. Extra large 60-inch canopy is perfect for keeping you and your bag dry. The sporty, stick handle provides additional grip and looks at home amongst your drivers and clubs.

    Sunny Days - Sunguard® Umbrellas
    Weather protection isn't just about rain! Umbrellas are a great way to shield yourself and loved ones from harmful UV rays or blistering heat. Remember, sun burn can happen in any season, not just summer. Our special SunGuard® coating provides UPF 50+ protection that blocks 98 percent of harmful UV rays and keeps you up to 30 degrees cooler compared to standing in direct sunlight. These umbrellas are great for sporting events like soccer games or springtime picnics!

    Model holding Sunguard Stick Umbrella in Rainbow on a sunny day

    Great for Pictures and Weddings - Clear Bubble Umbrella
    It's like ra-ee-ain on your wedding day! No one wants to get caught unawares on special events like weddings, family pictures or graduations. Our Clear Bubble Umbrellas are here to save the day. Completely transparent and whimsical, bubble design will make your rainy day pics soar and keep you out of the elements. Even if the forecast is calling beautiful blue skies, it never hurts to have a backup. The dome canopy is perfect for keeping your expensive gown safe with a full 51-inches of protection without detracting from your special day!

    Beautiful couple on their wedding day kissing underneath two bubble umbrellas

    Photo credit: Wendy Swanson of @wendyswansonphotography on instagram