Brighten Rainy Days: A Family Gift Guide to the Best Totes Umbrellas for Spring

Brighten Rainy Days: A Family Gift Guide to the Best Totes Umbrellas for Spring

Brighten Rainy Days: A Family Gift Guide to the Best Totes Umbrellas for Spring

Rainy, spring days don't have to be dreary. Whether you're shopping for yourself, your spouse, or your kids, finding the right umbrella can make all the difference in how you experience those rainy days. Totes has the perfect umbrella for everyone in your family to brighten any day – thanks to our powerful technology and seriously fun styles.

Sports Enthusiast

Make the most out of every golf outing or baseball game! Our Golf Size Umbrella with Sunguard Technology is the perfect companion for any outdoor sporting event. Rain or shine, this umbrella helps protect you from the elements so you can enjoy your time in complete comfort. The extra-large 55-inch canopy is wide enough for 2 people, so you can ensure that you and a companion stay dry throughout the game. Don’t forget to protect yourself from the sun too. The Sunguard Technology helps block up to 98% of harmful UVA rays and keeps you up to 30º cooler between golf strokes.

The Accessorizer

An umbrella can be an opportunity to show your personality as well as keep you protected from the elements. Make a splash with the InBrella Reverse Close Folding Umbrella. The InBrella technology keeps you dry with just the press of a button, automatically closing inside out so the water stays away. With vibrant prints, windproof construction, and compact size, this umbrella is a stylish and functional addition to any fashion-forward individual's collection. Plus, the canopy is made from recycled plastics keeping them out of our landfills and waterways. That’s a super-fun umbrella, with some seriously powerful protection.

For Little Hands

Make rainy days fun and whimsical for kids with the Clear Bubble Umbrella. This adorable umbrella is perfect for commuting to school, waiting for the bus, or just enjoying some good puddle jumping! The extended dome shape offers maximum coverage while the clear, transparent canopy provides unobstructed visibility, allowing kids to see where they're going and stay aware of their surroundings. Child-friendly features such as the pinch-proof closure, scratch-free spokes, and a curved handle designed just for them, make this umbrella a delight for children and parents alike!

At Totes, our ingenious products bring a little extra shine to even the gloomiest days. Whoever you’re shopping for, we’re ready to provide the protection they need from the elements. The perfect umbrella is waiting for you!

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