From Trails to Tides: The Ultimate Gift Guide for Family-Friendly Everywear Adventure Sandals

From Trails to Tides: The Ultimate Gift Guide for Family-Friendly Everywear Adventure Sandals

Vacation season is here! Whether you’re hitting the beach or trail-head, you need a sandal that is ready for your next family adventure. Everyone has different needs and requirements for their preferred sandal. But what if we told you one style could work for everyone? We would like to introduce you to the Riley Adjustable Sport Sandal with Everywear®.

She Needs Comfort + Style

Leave the flimsy flip-flops in the bargain bin. Mom needs a sandal that is going to offer all-day support without compromising style. Our Women’s Riley Adjustable Sport Sandal is made with Everywear technology that is so soft and springy she’ll feel like she’s walking on clouds. This revolutionary material stays bouncy and flexible while resisting compression, so you stay supported while taking on a hike or walking the waterfront. Plus, the Riley is sporty enough to keep up with the kids without looking too rugged for dinner along the pier.

He Needs Versatility + Lightweight

You never know where the adventure might go so, he needs to be ready for anything! Seamless go from trail to waves, all with the same two-strap Men’s Riley Sport Sandal. These Everywear technology sandals are waterproof (no drying time here!) and anti-microbial to help reduce odor and keep you moving throughout your day. Ditch the added weight for those “what-if” moments - the virtually weightless, foam design is perfect for packing, leaving you tons of space in your carry-on for gear and entertainment.

They Need Durability + Ease

They’re ready for vacation, they don’t care what they’re wearing as long as it lasts. Give yourself the added peace of mind with the Kid’s version of your new favorite Riley Sandal. Scuff-resistant and extremely durable, their Riley sandal is ready to stand up to every scrap, tumble, trail, puddle, and pool! Other foam footwear bottoms out after daily use. Our Everywear technology is soft for their feet but tough enough to withstand everyday wear. The adjustable strap assures the perfect fit without fear of the sandal falling off on a roller coaster or the ocean.

Be open to adventure with the Riley Sandal, made for the whole family to enjoy. Kick up the fun and the comfort for the whole fam – with powerful technology that won’t let you down.

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