From The Garden to The Market: The Must-Have Everywear® Clogs for Her

From The Garden to The Market: The Must-Have Everywear® Clogs for Her

Casual clogs are having a real moment in our current fashion landscape and it’s because of one undeniable fact – THEY’RE COMFORTABLE! Trends come and go but comfort never goes out of style. There is a reason why your grandma wore them to prune her prize azaleas or why nurses swear by them for long evening shifts. Clogs are first and foremost about comfort. And we’re taking comfort to the next level with the Totes Women's Bailey Molded Clog with Everywear®.

It all starts with our revolutionary Everywear® technology.  This patented material is lightweight, and squishy to the touch but tough enough for everyday wear. Other foam footwear grows ragged over time; scuffing, tearing, or bottoming out. Our Everywear® technology resists compression and punctures, staying cushioned without ever losing its shape, so soles stay intact. Whether you’re looking for a pair of gardening clogs or following the latest trends, that’s all-day comfort you can count on!

These clogs are great for nurses or women in the service industry but that means long hours on your feet which can lead to unwanted stains and odor. We’ve thought of that too! Our Everywear® footwear are not only comfortable and cute, but they're also machine washable and antimicrobial. Simply toss in the machine with your preferred laundry detergent for easy cleaning.

Clogs aren’t going away anytime soon so get a pair that will last with the Women's Bailey Molded Clog with Everywear®. You’re a busy lady and deserve footwear that is just as multi-faceted as you are. Plus, our Bailey Clog is available in fun colors and prints so you can let your personality shine. Light, durable and extremely comfortable – you’ll want to wear them Everywear®.

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