Kids Cirrus Charley Rain Boots in Bonnie Blue and Paisley Purple on figure sitting on a branch in the woods

How to Care for Everywear® Rain Boots

Kids Cirrus Charley Rain Boots in School Bus and Chelsea Rain Boots in Regatta Blue in water and mud

Rain boots were made for puddle jumping, muddy afternoons and days playing ih the yard. But what happens after the fun ends? You're left with messy, dirty boots that belong outdoors and nowhere near the freshly cleaned carpet. Well, we have the solution to your pesky predicament. Our Everywear® rain boots are not only comfortable and cute, they're also machine washable!

Kids Cirrus Boot in Classic Green sitting in suds

It has never been easier to wash your rain boots and get them ready for your next adventure. Simply toss in the machine with your preferred laundry detergent and wash with cold or warm water. Be sure to not use bleach or too warm of water because, like your favorite jeans, shrinking may occur. Air dry away from heat and you and your little ones are good to go!

Mom and daughter both wearing Cirrus boots and dancing outside

Here at Totes, we are aware of the global impact of the coronavirus outbreak and the importance of keeping your family safe. While germs are not always something we can control, taking conscious steps to reduce your exposure is an easy way to flatten the curve of the virus. Washing your hands, clothing and even footwear can help keep pathogens in your home to a minimum. 

Kids Cirrus Charley Boots in Bonnie Blue in front of a barn with grass

Another great feature of Everywear® rain boots is that they are anti-microbial which means the tiny organisms that can live in our clothing or shoes are not able to grow. These microscopic organisms are especially prevalent in areas where moisture is absorbed either from rain or even sweat. This is what makes your boots stink over time. Our Everywear® rain boots are made of revolutionary Everywear Technology which helps stave off stench and other microbes. Just one more way that Totes is helping you and your family enjoy the weather.

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